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Dr. (Rev. Bro.) Emmanual Nicholas FSC. BA. Dip. Ed, PhD
Reminiscences & Final Farewell

Adios amigo adios my friend, The road we have travelled has come to an end. "

These two lines of the popular song by Jim Reeves does ring true of our life long friendship, which ended last week, with the demise of Rev. Bro. Emmanual Nicholas.

For Eric Motha and myself, Selvam Nicholas as he was known in school, was our life long friend. We were classmates, in the lower School at St. Benedict's from 1945 and continued in the upper school until, we pursued our separate career paths, in the mid 1950's.

Memories of our experiences, in the classroom and outside are many. I clearly remember competing in the 1st under 14 Table Tennis Championship. It was a fierce competition between the three of us but, which one became the winner is immaterial. Another was the accidental fracture of his right upper arm, which Selvam sustained during a practice session for the Cricket Ball Throw event, of the same age group. I remember very clearly, supporting his painful arm and accompanying him to his family home at Mayfield Road. During our teenage years, of imposed austerity and import control, whenever we could afford, a 'Beer and corned mutton party', at my home in Wasala Road, Selvam was there too.

Selvam's vocation was to be a Christian Brother. He entered the Novitiate of Lasalian Order in January 1957. After taking his Final vows, as a Christian Brother, in August 1964, Bro. Emmanuel embarked on an illustrious career as an Educationalist. Undoubtedly, his academic brilliance and dedication led to his ascent, which, resulted in his elevation to Provincial Visitor - the administrative head of the Lasalian Order in South East Asia. Subsequently, he served as an Educational Missionary in Pakistan for 20 years. He was also the Founder Chairman of the Lasalian Community Educational Services . His services and Vocational Training facilities were of significant help to the poor communities in Colombo 15.

During his fulfilling career, he had obtained the BA in Mathematics and completed his Doctorate(PhD) in Education Administration and the Masters in Counselling Psychology

In retirement, Bro.Emmanuel, also served as Sub Director of St. Benedict's College under the Directorship of Bro. Granville Perera. Later, he was appointed Director, Institute of Spiritual Foundation of Asia.

In my feature entitled 'Forever Friends' which, I penned following our reunion in January 2013, (photograph above) I did include the quotation 'Friendship isn't being inseparable, it is being separated and knowing nothing has changed'.

This quotation is an illustration that, although spread across three Continents, Eric ( Canada) Bro. Emmanual ( SL) and myself (UK), we kept in touch and regularly met up on our visits to Colombo.

This Journey lasting seven decades, has sadly come to an end. Memories of this lifelong friendship will be fondly cherished.

I will conclude with lyrics of the 2nd verse of the hymn Finlandia, a poem set to music by Jean Sibelius - emotional, yet very comforting lines at this sad time

'When life shall end a new dawn shall appear
We shall move on and leave behind our fear
Unto the light to better and to best
Till we attain at last Eternal rest
Till once again we meet those gone before
Who wait to greet us on a distant shore'

Until we meet again,
Good Bye Dear Friend

Dr. Remy Perumal
Dip. in Journalism(LSJ)
Retired Consultant Physician UK

My thanks to Eric Motha & Bro. Visitor, Rev. Bro. Christy Croos, for access to information on Dates and Academic Degrees.